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Latest updates 03/2014: Compressor Performance Calculator - Flow calculation from flow orifice is now available.
03/2014: Compressor Performance Calculator tutorial - All explanations you need to calculate your compressor efficiency
02/2014: ARIEL - Technical library Mine of information about recip compressors and good glossary
12/2013: MAN Screw compressor performance and application range - Interesting paper about the screw compressor engineering.

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Machinery information

Information about gas compressors:
Links to vendor product pages and interesting links.

Technical Tools

Compressor Performance Calculator:
Calculate your compressor polytropic efficiency and head for given inlet and outlet conditions.


Compressor Selection Tool:
Evaluate the different HC compressor technologies for given inlet and outlet conditions.


Centrifugal Compressor Map Predictor:
For given conditions, draw a centrifugal compressor map. Quick and usefull at early design stage.

link to
Plenty of tools for pipe calculations: Control valve, flow orifice, venturi, pressure drop, pipe diameter. Requires Java.

Other tools

Forcast date calculation:
For a given target date, calculates back or ahead.